Get to know the person behind the camera

Hello! It is nice to meet you! I'm Stacey.

I am an artist who became a mom- a mom to a pretty awesome, but strong-willed neurodiverse little girl. After the birth of my second daughter, I realized that two kids in daycare and advocating for my eldest meant that working in corporate America wasn't going to pan out for me. So I left corporate America to actually finally work in the field I studied. Yeah... I have a Studio Art degree in Painting and Photography and it is thrilling to actually be using it!

I am a: Mother, Wife, Photographer, Artist, Friend, Believer, Optimist, Hostess, Energy-bringer, Business Owner, Nerd, Band Geek, Animal Lover, Coffee Addict.... and I am sure there is more, but that is a good start, right?

Compassion. Joy. Patience.

What makes me different

Those three characteristics on the left are what I bring to every session. Not every kid is the same (my two are certainly night and day different from each other!) so I don't expect your kiddo to be perfect either.

I get down on the ground for the right angles. I run after kids and encourage them to explore the park we are at. I don't get frustrated if they don't listen. I roll with what your family's needs are, and we always have a great gallery to show for it!

Fun Facts about Stacey

Married My High School Sweetheart

Yup! Tim and I have been together for 23 years now. Life has thrown us many curve balls, but we keep on keeping on and are celebrating our 20th year of marriage next year!

Feasel family est. 1999

I have two super awesome daughters

Tessa and Gemma are my world! I am thrilled to be able to have a flexible schedule so that I can be with them as often as possible.

Tessa Age 9

Gemma Age 5

I am a Nerd

I love Doctor Who (well, the 10th Doctor mostly), The Orville, Babylon 5, Marvel Universe, etc. I play flute and piccolo in the Lynnwood Community Band and am not afraid to let my daughters ride me like a horsey around the living room.

Band geeks rule!

I love to bake

My girls bake with me and I love it! We make banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes of all kinds, we have made strudel, and even Kings Cake. I am particularly good at pies. I had a customer at Kits Cameras (yup, I used to manage the store in Factoria) tell me her pie tricks and I am pretty proud of how my crust turns out!

Chocolate cake is my favorite!

What My Family Says About Me...

Gemma, Age 5

My mom is:
Likes Photos
Loves Snuggles