Hi, I am Stacey Feasel.

I have been a photographer for 16 years now and absolutely love it! My two little girls are my world and the reason I left corporate America to actually finally work in the field I studied. Yeah... I have a Studio Art degree in Painting and Photography and it is thrilling to actually be using it!

I am a goofball, a nerd and an artist. I love Doctor Who (well, the 10th Doctor mostly), play flute and piccolo in the Lynnwood Community Band and am not afraid to let my daughters ride me like a horsey around the living room. Told you I was a goof-ball! Oh! And I do oil-paintings too. To see some of those go check out my art website: www.staceyfeasel.com

My husband and I are high school sweethearts and have been married for 17 years. He is the reason I am so nerdy, but I don't mind at all! We have two beautiful girls, one who is neuro-atypical. I share this so that you know that I will understand your parenting struggles- parenting is hard! I love watching my girls grow as well as the kiddos that I photograph grow.

Family is so very important to me and I imagine you feel the same way! Let's work together to document those special moments you all share together. :-)

What My Family Says About Me...

“My mom is:
Likes Photos
Loves Snuggles”

“My mom is:
Always loving
Likes chocolate & wine
Does a cool thing with her eyes
Likes reading
Loves Fuzzy Socks
Has a ton of shoes

“My wife is:
Has a great laugh when she gets going
Loves what she does
Gives great hugs